Notary in Barcelona

Barcelona, November 2020
500 m2
50 m2
500 m2 50 m2 rooms baths price 0 energy

This project arises from the intermediation in the sale of a 500 m2 property on the main floor of a classic building in Barcelona's Ensanche. The previous use was also notary but the interior layout and decoration were not up to date.

The project consists of the recovery of the spectacular Catalan ceilings, a new electrical installation and air conditioning by ducts and air renewal, the execution of false ceilings in the back office area with pits and indirect lighting, the recovery of the exterior terrace and extensive carpentry work, recovery of the existing hardwood floor and a detailed general color study to achieve a more up to date look.

This project highlights the lighting and the mix of new mechanisms and features with elements of traditional architecture, such as the ceilings described, the bearing walls of exposed brickwork and the architecture of the building and its surroundings.

The result is a notary with two clearly differentiated areas: the public area, for access to clients and the private area, for access to the notary team, suppliers and collaborators.

The functional program includes a large reception and waiting area, five signature rooms, a notary office with its own bathroom, an open space, two open offices, a VIP room, a room with a desk for the documentation pick up, four main offices, two files, a kitchen, an auxiliary entrance for messaging and office supplies and two bathrooms for the notary team and another for the public.

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