JC Architect was born in 2003 as an architecture service firm for all kind of projects of architecture and planning.

The firm is focussed on Real Estate consulting services for investors and final buyers of high-end assets in Spain and abroad.
Jorge Camprecios

Jorge Campreciós

Jorge holds a Bachelor and Master’s in Architecture by the UPC, Barcelona, Spain and the Polytechnic di Milano, Italy, and also a Master in Civil Engineering at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA.

He has worked in the past in Italy, the United States and Spain since 1997 in several Architecture firms and Real Estate companies. The entire academic and professional career of Jorge has been related with the Architecture and the Real Estate business. Other than his technical knowledge as an architect and civil engineer, he had the opportunity to apply that know-how into the Real Estate business both from a commercial and a strategical point of view.

The experience at JC Architect and the understanding of the building design and construction process helped him to become a stablished real estate agent and developments team leader at a multinational real estate firm.

His experience as both architect and real estate consultant is now applied to give service to real estate investors and final buyers of high-end real estate assets. He is fluent in English, Italian and French.

Register of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia nº 9.563

Official College of Architects of Catalonia nº 37.660-4

Ariana Garí

Ariana holds a Bachelor’s in Communications & Journalism by Suffolk University, Boston, MA, USA.

She has worked in the past in the United States and Spain since 2000 in radio, television, and set her own business in 2003 named Little Land, that last until 2013, a children centre in Barcelona. She started in the Real Estate business in 2015 at  a multinational real estate firm  in the investment division and later in the Developments Team of the same brand.

She has successfully closed deals of residential and commercial buildings and private residences in Barcelona since 2015.

The experience of Ariana in the Real Estate business makes her a key element of JC Architect. She is fluent in English, Spanisha and Catalan.
Ariana Garí