Appartment refurbishment

Barcelona, April 2015
265 m2
20 m2
265 m2 20 m2 rooms baths price 40.000 energy

The project arises from the need to completely refurbish an old apartment located on Gran Vía, Barcelona, given its rather deteriorated condition. The project consists of the conversion of an apartment located on the third floor of an eclectic building, of which the load-bearing walls and floors are preserved, and some interior divisions are modified. Given the precarious preservation of the property, this intervention represents a great improvement for it.

Building built in 1888.

The plot occupies an area of ​​273 m ² in plan with a sloping rectangular shape with its longest side with a depth of 29.33 m in a non-perpendicular direction to the street and 12.31 m in length of the façade that faces Gran Vía and 10.42 m in length of the rear façade.

The building is located approximately on the border between the extension and the old town, next to Plaza Cataluña. This district is known for its orthogonal order of the streets and for the excellent communication infrastructures available to it with access to the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport network.

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