Corbera de Llobregat, April 2009
350 m2
941 m2
350 m2 941 m2 rooms baths price 617.000 energy

This project consists of an isolated family house with swimming pool on a sloped parcel with views towards a valley with Montserrat Mountain as its background. The project is based on the exterior aesthetic composition and the way it fits on the parcel. It is a mix of textures and materials with concrete walls, steel beams, wood slabs and big glazed openings. The swimming pool walls have windows, so that water can be seen from the inside of the living room. The swimming pool glazed white mosaic reflects the sun rays bringing in light to the entire house.

This project is considered the firm flagship.

The house is located in Corbera de Llobregat, near Barcelona, Spain, and is the architect Jorge Campreciós’ dream come true. Taking a cue from architectural inspirations such as Pierre Koenig and Richard Neutra, he built a statement home that adapts to its landscape and offers magical views of the Spanish countryside — not to mention a sneaky pool that pops up where you least expect it.

Inspired by the big names of modern architecture, Campreciós sought to adapt his home’s design to the landscape. The result is a structure that, from certain vantage points, recalls the bow of a ship. Moreover, “the windows and doors toward the pool, which gets unobstructed light from the south, are essential to the natural lighting of the day area.”

The house is on a steep slope and has three floors. The top floor has an office overlooking the pool, plus a bathroom with a shower. The middle level includes a large living and dining space, a kitchen with breakfast corner and large pantry, and a guest toilet. The lower floor contains the children’s bedrooms, the master bedroom with its en suite bathroom and dressing room, plus a laundry area.

There are two entrances to the house, both on the south side. Whereas the family uses the entrance on the middle floor, visitors approach the house at street level on a wooden path that leads to a guest entrance to the top floor. The office on the top floor looks out onto the pool. This space is exclusively for the parents’ use, since the children have study corners in their bedrooms.

The interior features clean lines and open, functional spaces. Concrete, steel and wood are the primary materials used throughout. The home was designed to optimize the views offered by the hillside property. The terraces on the north side of the home have views of the mountains. The owners like to barbecue or read here. The deck is Cumaru wood, also known as Brazilian teak, which is hard and durable and therefore easy to care for and ideal for outdoor spaces. The Montserrat mountain range can be seen in the distance from the home.

“This is designed to be integrated naturally into the interior space.”

The flooring in the rest of the house is oak, while the kitchen features a faux-slate ceramic. Black is the dominant color here because they wanted a dark hue to make the open kitchen recede visually. The countertops are Zimbabwe Black granite.

The star of the space is the large island, where guests often gather. The wainscoting in the breakfast corner is made of wine corks collected by the couple. Behind the dining room area is a big pantry, ideal for a family of five. This entire lower level has underfloor heating, while cross-ventilation provides passive cooling. This level is the most comfortable on both the hottest and coldest days. The bedroom includes a spacious dressing room, as well as a spa area with a hot tub and rain shower.

The railing on the middle-story terrace, made of stainless steel cables, slants inward to express the nautical theme that sea enthusiast Campreciós loves so much. But it was also designed with safety in mind. “When we moved in, the children were 11, 4 and 3 years old, so we wanted something they wouldn’t be able to climb.”
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