Complete building refurbishment in the old city center

Barcelona, April 2006
1800 m2
1800 m2 rooms baths price 2.000.000 energy

The project  is located at Sant Jaume Square of Barcelona, at the downtown historic, architectural, cultural, social and political heart of Catalonia. The scope of the work consists on dividing each floor into 4 new apartments instead of the 2 existing ones. The building is included in the Historic Architectural Catalog of Barcelona so that all the interior details will be respected in order to maintain the classical aspects of the building. The project looks for recovering the original building design by the discovery of its original polychromic vaulted ceiling, which has been hidden by a common false ceiling without a notorious artistic interest. The demolition of the false ceiling composed by heavy materials freed the slab of a prominent and growing deflection. The project allows the restoration of the building original artistic wealth and ameliorates its structural behavior.

Work developed: project design and execution drawings, working documents, specifications, measurements, costs and budget control, project and construction management and coordination, issue of administration documents, protection and improvement of architectural heritage


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