"Eco-pousada" in paradise

Ref: BRA - S001
296 m2
4315 m2
296 m2 4315 m2 rooms 3 baths 3 price 660.000 energy

Unique eco-friendly and sustainable lodge located in a lush environment immersed in the Atlantic Forest, surrounded by a peaceful ocean and the crystal-clear waters of Morere Beach, in the heart of the paradise that is Boipeba Island, in Bahia, Brazil.

Boipeba Island was chosen on Trip Advisor as the second most beautiful island in South America, and Moreré Beach is among the 10 most beautiful and best-preserved beaches in Brazil. This place maintains the peace, tranquility, simplicity and generosity of the locals. It is also surrounded by the worlds best-preserved mangroves, a coast framed by hills, coral reefs, natural pools, a rich estuary system, preserved woods areas, a great variety of birds, and a rich fauna that includes hummingbirds, armadillos, anteaters, teius, foxes, and much more. On top of that, there are countless options for walking, horse riding, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, humpback whale watching, and taking classes of capoeira, traditional cooking, painting, sewing, yoga, meditation, arts and more.

Located in the Atlantic Forest and XX meters above sea level, the whole property holds a total space of 4.315m2 and has a wide variety of native and endemic botanical species, which attract wild life (specially birds): Orchids , Bromeliad , Coconut tree , Cashew (anacardo) , Mangabeira (Hancornia) , Aroeira (Mastic tree) , Pau-Pombo (tapirira), Palm Tree, Xandô Coconut, Lemon trees, Orange trees...It’s a natural paradise!

The lodge is located on a hilltop, 1 km from the beach, and near Moreré village, on Boipeba Island. The Eco Lodge has a sea view, and it is inside an Environmental Protection Area (APA, Área de Proteção Ambiental) in the middle of the Atlantic Forest.

It is a sustainable structure built with innovative local materials and techniques, respectful of the environment and integrated into the community. After almost a decade in business, the hotel is now a well-established company ready for the countless growth opportunities it offers, widely recommended and recognized at national and international level.

Everything is built in a respectful way and integrated into the environment: bamboo, mangrove wood, natural clay wall painting, pindoba and piassava straw roofs, a natural source of fresh water, and decoration designed to make anyone feel like they are in paradise.

It has 3 rustic bungalows built with local eco-friendly materials, a social area, and a house for permanent residents, all of which provides a perfect work-life health balance.
This Brazilian Eco-Lodge is located in an area of more than 3,000 m2 (three thousand square meters). It has excellent Wi-Fi so you can be connected with the outside world while, at the same time, still enjoy a scene full of unique possibilities and experiences.

The total main area for sale is 3,115.14 m². The total floor area is 296.85 m² (possiblility to increase up to 934 m²).
The floor areas are distributed as follow: social area (92m²), three bungalows (around 39 m² each) + residential unit (85m²). Inside the property, there is also a small store and space for a restaurant.
There are several growth opportunities for a business, such as renting the restaurant and the store, starting new activities, such as tours, guided meditations, and additional services that could be offered in partnership with other projects.

This is a sustainable business , and the costs for energy, staff, water, air conditioning, structural maintenance and heated pools are kept low. (The lodge does not have hot water or air conditioning. It has its own water source, thus eliminating the need to buy it. Renovation expenses are reduced thanks to the use of local materials with which the bungalows were built.)

As added values, the owner desires to include in the prize a 1.200m2 area besides the property (100% free for construction), plus all their clients portfólio, plus all Trip Advisor Prizes (Nº1 in Boipeba Island, Nº2 in Bahia State, Nº6 in Brazil)

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