Tourist Apartments

Barcelona, April 2004
800 m2
50 m2
800 m2 50 m2 rooms baths price 790.000 energy


Chic & Basic is a new hotel chain that offers a young, easy-going and quality image. Most of its projects are developed in Ciutat Vella, the ambient of the city's neighborhood is very appropriate for its needs. Princesa Street holds all the aspects to establish tourist apartments of such characteristics.

The façade was restored in 1999 and its look is excellent with the exception of its entrance which will be redesigned. The assignment requires refitting of all the common areas, the division of all floors into two apartments each and a new layout for the penthouse. The intervention was made in a way that all the partitions disappeared which results in: free the slab of unnecessary weight that provokes the slab bending, it permits the entrance of light to all parts of the apartment, as well as a complete view of it form its point of entrance. The use of furniture with fixed glass on top is to divide the rooms. All doors are sliding, which allows using more space. The light is all indirect and it is projected from the perimeter of the apartment.

Work developed: project design and execution drawings, working documents, specifications, measurements, costs and budget control, issue of administrative documents and project license, project and construction management and coordination.

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