Little Land

Barcelona, April 2003
600 m2
600 m2 rooms baths price 320.000 energy

The client wanted to change the 600 squared meters into a space that would suit both parents and children. The space will be used as entertainment for youngsters and grown ups alike, with the possibility of leaving the kids under the staff supervision. The idea of the project came out of the name of the company itself, Rainbow Park. The colors became the stream of the project. The initial space distribution helped a lot to build up the idea. A huge glazed façade and a tunnel were the perfect elements to attract people straight from the street. Hanging from the upper part of it, 30 cm wide by 24 meters long pieces of fabric run into the entrance tunnel. Each of the 7 fabric pieces has a different color that evokes to the Rainbow. The colors chosen for the pavement are almost the same as the those of the fabrics, the hardwood floor matches perfectly with all of them. The division of all the space by moveable furniture converts the place into an ideal space for the development of all the activities offered at the centre.

Work developed: promotion and finance, project design and execution drawings, working documents, specifications, measurements, costs and budget control, issue of administration documents and project license, project and construction management and coordination, investigation and development of new construction solutions.

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