Full house rehabilitation

Barcelona, April 2006
325 m2
325 m2 rooms baths price 375.000 energy

In this project we had the pleasure of working together with the New Yorker designer Deming Pratt.

The renovation of the living room consists on the construction of a fire place and the demolition of the existing false ceiling. The hidden sloped ceiling is restored by a U section bracing each reinforced concrete beam. Plywood to be painted is placed between each of them. The fireplace came in pieces from France. The clear color applied to the walls and ceiling and the carpet floor as well as the fire converted the living room into an elegant and cozy space. The brand new wood bookcase around the fireplace invites, of course, to reading. In the bathroom is remarkable the 1/2" x 1/2" ceramic chocolate colored tiles on the floor as well as the 25" x 5" grey marble pieces covering the walls.

Also a gymnasium was designed at an unused space within this spectacular mansion in Esplugues, Barcelona, built during the XVII Century. The vault was scratched to remove the plaster that covered it in order to show the traditional construction methods. Steel cable mounted fixtures run at the perimeter of the space with independent orientation. The gym is completed with a maple hardwood floor combined with same color wood closets plus grey tone walls and the red vault. Let's work out!

The studio project starts from the conversion of an exterior roofed terrace into a study room. Shelves are created from supports on stainless steel and long wood pieces. Its horizontality is emphasized by the lighting system that runs along it when entering the space. The floor is covered with bamboo hardwood floor and the windows can rotate around a centered horizontal axis.

Work developed: project design and execution drawings, working documents, specifications, measurements, costs and budget control, project and construction management and coordination.

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